What is K9 Safe Search?
K9 Safe Search is a family friendly search engine from the creators of K9 Web Protection, the most popular free parental control software. K9 Safe Search removes from your search results links and images that have been classified by Blue Coat Systems' WebPulse technology as containing materials which may be offensive or inappropriate for families, or that may be malicious (such as malware, spyware or phishing). WebPulse is the same filtering service used by K9 Web Protection software and by customers of Blue Coat's enterprise security products to provide a safe browsing experience for millions of families and companies across the world.
How does it compare to the safe search provided by other search engines?
We believe K9 Safe Search is the safest search engine available today, because unlike many search engines, it uses a proven web filtering service that classifies web sites on a real-time basis. Many search engines offer a "safe" search enforcement option which, when enabled, attempts to remove pornographic or malicious links and images from search results. Since these companies are search engine companies, and not web filtering companies, their filtering systems allow various links and images that families may consider inappropriate to appear in their search results. You'll have to believe us on this one (or test at your own risk!).
Can I customize what categories are blocked in K9 Safe Search?
K9 Safe Search presently blocks links and images from certain categories of web sites that have the highest risk of containing malicious content, or being offensive or inappropriate for families by default. In the future, we hope to give you the ability to customize the types of links and images you want filtered from your search results.
What if I find offensive/malicious content?
You can report any link to Blue Coat's Site Review system at http://sitereview.bluecoat.com/sitereview.jsp?referrer=k9search . For image searches, you can also click on the "Report" link to directly submit an offensive result to Blue Coat for review.
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